Flexi Lives!


My Profile:

Flexi-Blok   definition: a) A SENTENTIOUS GNOME OF SUPERIOR INTEGRITY,  b) Any one of a number of polyhedra prone to multifarious flexurisms,   c) An invertebrate polytope of hubris and self-proclaimed probity.

Species:  Flexi-blok    pr (flx-y-blok)
Family:  Protoflexons   pr (pro-tow flx-ons)
Genus:  Protoflexiks  pr (pro-tow flx-iks)
Sub group (urban): Metro-Flexural
Sub group (rural):  Flexi-Texi

Identifying Characteristics:  Hydro-flexik (permeable); omni-flexural (extensible in all directions),  ambi-flexturous (shape-shifting) see c above (as in resembling a politician);

About Me:
•Favorite Dance—the Icosa-nova
•Favorite Game—Twister
•Pets I have and like—Rexi-Flexi, the gentle dinosaur, who is also anisotropically ambi-flexturous
•Favorite drink: Carbon60 sludge on the rocks

Favorite Book:  “Flexinetiks”  (the cosmological diaflexics ): – a cult classic

Chapter One:

FlexiPolly pursued her polygnosticism like the Hansel and Gretel being lead to Grandma’s house. “Oh!” FlexiPolly exclaimed as she peered out over the millennia of ignorance. “What anachronistic buildings we construct!”

The children, having recently returned from the beach, understood the impermanence of moats and fortifications constructed of sand. And the protectors of the realm sneered back, “Why you insolent child, the universe is constructed on time honored traditions and that alone makes it worth defending.”  (to be continued…)

It is after all the implicit memory that prevents us from arriving at a different conclusion because that which is observed has to fit into the paradigm of all that proceeded it. – Until it doesn’t. New paradigm!

 Flexi Toys! no longer available.