Alternative/Disaster-Resistant Construction

Imagine… a new paradigm in construction that anticipates the evolving global need for buildings that can withstand today’s more frequent, severe and disastrous weather and seismic events that often overwhelm conventionally built structures. Present day housing construction is driven by a short-term cost mentality and traditional, patched-together uses of materials that are only as strong as their weakest connections. We continue to rely on the same materials and designs in hurricane-prone areas even though existing methods often fail to meet the overwhelming stress/force demands on structures. We must re-think our designs and use of materials to anticipate catastrophic events and be much more robust to extreme conditions. Flextegrity’s micro-architecture opens the potential for buildings (new and retro-fitted) possessing a tough continuous web-like integrity throughout the critical areas of the entire structure to create unprecedented resilience against novel and unpredictable external forces…

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