Tensegrity to Flextegrity an evolutionary path

From Tensegrity to Flextegrity (aka, “How in the heck did you ever think this up??”)  Inventors with strikingly novel concepts are often asked, “How in the world did you ever come up with that idea?”. My experience as author and creator of Flextegrity’s new technology has been no exception. However, my surprise is not that […]

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C6XTY – building and creating with nature

What is it? Flextegrity has developed and patented a 3-dimensional tensile lattice that is easily constructed from two component parts. The soccer ball shape is excellent for distributing compressive forces across its surface. Buckminster Fuller described these as ‘islands of compression.’ The balls then are surrounded in a ‘sea of tension.’ Tension and compression can […]

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Alternative/Disaster-Resistant Construction

Imagine… a new paradigm in construction that anticipates the evolving global need for buildings that can withstand today’s more frequent, severe and disastrous weather and seismic events that often overwhelm conventionally built structures. Present day housing construction is driven by a short-term cost mentality and traditional, patched-together uses of materials that are only as strong […]

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