Market Opportunities

%image_alt%Positioning:  Flextegrity, Inc. is the inventor/developer/manufacturer of specialty structural materials that anticipate and meet the comprehensive demands of disaster-resistant housing, personal protection, environmental solutions, and other emerging markets.

Leverage:  The foundation of Flextegrity’s intellectual property is a unique and innovative geometry for assembled structural materials.  We will succeed in the market by providing anticipatory and unrivaled performance potentials not otherwise available at any price. Instead of competing in “commodity” product/price categories with unrelenting margin pressures, we have the ability to leverage the truly unique properties of our geometry into specialized applications with revolutionary performance characteristics never previously obtainable.

%image_alt% A major thrust in the quest for lighter, stronger, more functional engineering materials has focused on state-of-the-art ‘elemental’ materials such as titanium and carbon fiber.  However, those are too expensive for most applications and each possesses a somewhat limited range of additional properties.  On the other hand, leveraging the performance of existing conventional materials through improved synergistic applications of geometries has historically proven to be a more elegant and economical way of extending materials science than efforts to discover whole new chemical classes of raw materials. The I-beam is a consummate example of this principle.

Flextegrity’s applied geometry optimizes compression and tension forces in existing materials to achieve higher performance and significantly enhanced properties.  Specifically, the patterned structural array utilizes polyhedral elements as naturally superior structural compression elements and proprietary connecting tension members.

The resultant array produces omni-extensible micro structured ‘hybrid’ materials with superior strength-to-weight ratios and precisely definable flexibility/stiffness gradients, among other characteristics. Tension and compression combine to form a self-stabilizing integrity suitable for construction of larger load-bearing 3-dimensional materials, flexible structural blocks, hybrid material sheets, and geo-textiles. As a far-reaching horizontal technology, our proprietary “micro-structure” possesses the inherent capability to become a disruptive technology across multiple vertical markets.

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