Roadways/Bridges/ Stormwater Management

Imagine…bridge-sized elastics and permeable roadbeds…structural 3-D “geo-textiles” for stormwater management that are load-bearing yet permeable and self-draining, allowing water to pass through the material into the ground. Flextegrity’s assembled array architecture could flex to precisely defined specifications and limits under stress, and the component parts could be dissembled and reassembled for maintenance. Designers and engineers gain the ability to create natural forms that begin to look and behave more like the natural landscapes they replace. Soil stabilization fabrics, sidewalks and, eventually, streets could be constructed using strong materials that offer the benefits of permeability and ease of maintenance. Intelligent sensors, microelectronics and a variety of unique and responsive properties could be engineered into the material, and Flextegrity’s 3-D geometry would enable embedding of functional elements such as plant seeds, fertilizer, water-storing gels, and natural weed suppressors…

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