We're creating stronger materials and lighter structures by using nature's geometry.

Solutions to problems can be manufactured at any scale, from almost any substance for a wide variety of applications such as muscle replacements, computer memory to retaining walls, housing, and bridges.

Lighter & Stronger

The power of geometry is unleashed allowing us to imagine new solutions to growing problems.

Anticipatory & Comprehensive

3-D printers will be directed by rules based design decisioning, coupled with virtual to reality constructive capabilities which will allow us to make unique environments.

Most with the Least

Materials of the future will need to be adaptable to an ever changing environment that requires easy maintenance, amendments with the fewest use of resources.

We can now take nature’s geometry, scale it, use suitable materials and create nearly limitless applications of yet unforeseen utility. That is where C6XTY’s lattice is the elegant ‘almost universal fabric’ based on Buckminster Fuller’s observation that compression can be thought of as ‘islands’ in a sea of tension. Tension and compression can be arranged in uniform lattices.

Tension and compression, thought of as being in opposition to one another, can be tamed into an harmonious relationship. That is accomplished through triangulation. Compression is triangulated in tension. That is the key, because stable structures are triangulated. This arrangement of tension and compression results in a uniform lattice that can be optimized for the specific application.

Strong materials and lightweight structures. Doing more with less!

A unique and innovative icosahedron-based architecture for assembled structural materials. Patent-pending geometry for building structures using well-proven engineering principles in new ways to leverage the inherent compression and tension forces of standard materials to their optimal natural performance.

Specifically, Flextegrity geometries, from nano-to-meso-scale, utilize polyhedral elements as compression members and a proprietary tensile matrix to produce omni-directional anisotropic structural materials with superior strength-to-weight ratios and precisely definable flexibility and stiffness characteristics in every dimension.

In the development of ships, airplanes, and cars, modular manufacturing practices have resulted in higher quality and enhanced features, while at the same time reducing costs and fabrication times. Yet this innovation is rarely practiced in architecture and civil engineering.

As Kieran and Timberlake rightly argue in their book, Refabricating Architecture: “Buildings continue to be assembled largely piece by piece in the field, in much the same way that the car was put together before the advent of mass production. Where is the evolution in building construction? Why is it that large parts of our buildings are not assembled as fully integrated major components, off site, in controlled factory conditions?”

The material is inherently permeable and structural for use in Geo-textiles and Stormwater management.

Arrays as ecosystems, whereas each connection is part of a larger whole but to a degree redundant. Our DNA allows for transcription errors and omission — that’s what keeps it interesting.

The array uses natures’ own geometry as a building block. The symmetry of the truncated icosahedron, known to all as a soccer ball, is the basic compression element in the array.

Applying geometry to materials is the story of invention from the wheel to weaving patterns. The arrays are a continuation of that evolution as geometry is to structure.

The time to abandon stone piling has arrived. C6XTY bio
mimics nature to allow us to grow and change much like a tree
reaching for daylight.

Networks made from C6XTY at the nano scale can send and retrieve information in known addressable locations and take advantage of the Carbon 60’s unique structure for storing binary information.

We can now take nature’s geometry, scale it, use suitable materials and create nearly limitless applications of yet unforeseen utility.

Tension and compression are inseparable and can be tamed into harmony through triangulation in C6XTY.