Intelligent Streets & Sidewalks

Intelligent Streets & Sidewalks

Intelligent Streets & Sidewalks

Just imagine how amazing you will feel when every street you walk has smart and intelligent features. From strong pavement to damage resistance, smart drainage system for stormwater to natural percolation of petroleum-based pollutants, there is a solution that can turn all this into reality. C6XTY is promoting ideas and concepts where structures can be modified with an “Intelligent” feature.

From now on, the streets won’t be extremely cold or hot, the lighting would be perfect, the sensors will be integrated into the sidewalks, and a single layer of assembled material will be used to perform multiple functions at the same time. Doesn’t this all sound like a dream?

Well, it is not anymore as C6XTY is bringing the concept of Intelligent Streets and Sidewalks to you. By intelligence, we mean that the construction of streets and sidewalks will be done with inbuilt technologies and sensor systems on public transit streets. But we all know that all materials can’t deal with the regular pressure, load, and stress. Hence, the C6XTY structure is used for technology integration into streets and sidewalks.

The technology helps us to innovate and come up with better ideas to make every life easy. The primary purpose of the intelligent streets & sidewalks concept is to provide a comfortable, simple, yet smart environment to the people.

The concept of Intelligent Streets & Sidewalks:

Just envision an Information Society in public zones that are easy to use, provide efficient support, and maintain the natural interactions with the citizens. The objective behind this is that the system will provide people with an intuitive interface that can be integrated into the normal pavements. And these systems will be able to identify and respond to the presence and needs of the people that come across the technology. While the population that uses such systems are discrete and have an imperceptible manner, it becomes crucial to have an intelligent system in the streets and sidewalks to assist them.

Other than the streets and squares in the city, Intelligent Streets and Sidewalks will also be great for schools, airports, theme parks, and other structures where people might need assistance.

The entire concept is ubiquitous and pervasive as the technology can be integrated into standard pavements easily. However, there is a major difference between normal pavements and intelligent pavements. The conventional pavements are constructed using regular materials that are mostly intended for decorative elements for the transits. But the intelligent pavement is characterized by the abilities it possesses. The smart streets and sideways have resistance against higher loads and have a material that offers stability to the structure.

As there are two functions of the intelligent pavements, both need to be fulfilled without compromising the stability of the structure. That’s where Flextegrity introduces the carbon-60 icosahedrons structure that is stable and lighter. Not only the material built from buckminsterfullerene will provide the conventional function but also act as support for the Intelligent Streets and Sideways structure.

Contact C6XTY and learn in what ways you can implement C6XTY technology.

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