Nature’s Geometry C6XTY

How to Keep Our Brains Active at Home by Learning c6xty – C60 – Geometry

Introduction: This article is about keeping our brains active while sheltering at home. We talked to an expert Kirby Urner about learning C60, who is a philosophy major. Kirby was born in Chicago and has lived all over the world, eventually returning to Portland, Oregon. His journey includes teaching high school math in Jersey City, […]

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Nature’s Geometry At Work With C6XTY

Nature has already given us everything we need. But it is the human mind that wants to comprehend more than what exists in nature. C6XTY is creating materials and structures that are based on the geometry nature has already provided us. From C6XTY lattices to the full inception of Buckminster Fuller’s theory of Ephemeralization, C6XTY […]

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