Demonstrations of C6XTY

C6XTY – building and creating with nature

What is it? Flextegrity has developed and patented a 3-dimensional tensile lattice that is easily constructed from two component parts. The soccer ball shape is excellent for distributing compressive forces across its surface. Buckminster Fuller described these as ‘islands of compression.’ The balls then are surrounded in a ‘sea of tension.’ Tension and compression can […]

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How to Assemble the C6XTY

—– TEXT FROM YOUTUBE TRANSCRIPT I’m going to introduce 00:04 you to how to construct the C6XTY ball 00:08 from the six component parts and you’ve 00:11 seen them by now they’ve arrived in the 00:13 mail or a box and we’re gonna at the end 00:16 of this introduction we’re actually 00:18 going to […]

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