Strong Sphere

Strong Sphere

Strong Sphere

If you were asked to create the universe out of
balls and strings, would you know where to start?
…and where you might end up?
– Sam Lanahan, 2007

Buckminster Fuller spent the early 20th century to innovate and invent new ways to improve the human shelter. This includes:

  • Using modern technology for shelter construction.
  • Making structures more comfortable and efficient
  • Providing an economically sound structure for a great number of individuals.

Fuller studied the building industry keenly and tried to discover traditional practices that will make the construction practices adaptable to future technology. The years of studying structure shells finally helped him to come up with less expensive, stronger, and lighter materials than wood, bricks, or stones that are often used for structures.

That’s when the Geodesic dome concept came to light. The Buckminster Fuller theory describes the difference in the strength of a rectangle and triangle structure. While the rectangle structure folds up and becomes unstable when pressure is applied, the triangle withstands the pressure easily. Hence, a new architectural design was created in the form of a Strong sphere.

If the spherical structure is created from triangles, it has unparalleled strength and stability. The geodesic dome turned out to be the most efficient structure for the interior atmosphere. The design has the capability to circulate air and energy without any obstacle. Within a couple of decades of inventing the new architecture concepts, Geodesic domes became one of the most suitable designs for human shelter.

The strong sphere is efficient for many reasons:

  • The decreased surface area requires less building materials.
  • The spherical shape means the least surface area per unit of volume per structure.
  • Greater capability of facing the wind turbulence
  • Reflects and concentrates interiors heat preventing radiant heat loss.
  • Helpful in saving a large amount of energy annually.

All around the globe, the concept of geodesic domes is already applied. So, C6XTY takes the work to the next level by designing a strong sphere that can be used by machines or systems that handles extensive loads. Generally, it is the ball bearing that is used in machines to reduce the rotational friction and for axial and radial support. The strong sphere can potentially replace the balls and strings for load transmission.

While the regular ball bearings and strings have a limited lifespan and more chances of failure, C6XTY provides a structure that will last for a lifetime and offer a better solution to the loading and transmission problems. From computer fan to aerospace, the strong sphere can be used in all areas where the balls and strings are needed.

C6XTY has resolved the problems of tension and compression through triangulation in spheres. Applying nature’s geometry in materials for constructions and other purposes was an out of league thought. And now, this concept is revolutionizing the way we design structure materials. By using the well-proven engineering principles and Flextegrity geometries, we achieve superior strength-to-weight ratio and provide flexibility in structures.

The geodesic dome was a remarkable discovery as the spherical carbon-60 molecule unfolded a whole new world for architecture and construction. Now, C6XTY is taking the discovery to new heights by designing comprehensive materials that are futuristic.

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