Portland, OR – August 15, 2007 – Flextegrity, Inc., an advanced materials technology company, has been selected a winner in I.D., The International Design Magazine’s 53rd Annual Design Review Competition.

Flextegrity’s award-winning design is an innovative geometry for assembling strikingly original engineered materials ranging from the very small (nano-scale) to the very large (mega-scale). The resultant ‘internal architectures’ optimize distribution of applied force loads to achieve significantly enhanced material properties.

One of the oldest and most prestigious design competitions in the country, I.D. Magazine’s 2007 Annual Design Review Competition drew over 2,000 separate entries from every part of the world and attracted jurors from the highest ranks of the design profession. Flextegrity’s patented technology is one of only 150 products selected from the group for featured publication in I.D.’s July/August 2007 issue.

“We are clearly pleased to share design kudos at the Honorable Mention award level with internationally prominent entities such as Sony, adidas, Polar, Philips, Motorola, Pentagram Design, designer Karim Rashid, and Al Gore’s movie, ‘Inconvenient Truth’,” said Sam Lanahan, President of Flextegrity Inc. “It further confirms the uniqueness and broad commercial potential of our proprietary technology.” Other 2007 winners included industry giants Apple, Nike and Yamaha.

About Flextegrity, Inc.:

Flextegrity, Inc. is an advanced materials technology company that has developed a patented internal material ‘architecture’ with unique high-performance characteristics. Significantly enhanced material properties including excellent strength-to-weight ratio, permeability and superb tensile and compressive strength create opportunities for a wide variety of innovative commercial applications, including specific implementations within the fields of stormwater management, civil engineering, and alternative building technologies.

For more information about Flextegrity, visit http://www.flextegrity.com.

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