Building-scale Mega-Architectures

Building-scale Mega-Architectures

Building-scale Mega-Architectures

From building to scaling the mega architectures, how the C6XTY is offering the best technique to scale the mega buildings projects C6XTY is offering the Flextegrity technology so that you can acquire a smart and intelligent solution for your big scale construction project. The traditional methods used to build mega buildings and large scale projects take a lot of time to make great products. Rapid Manufacturing process where the introduction of Carbon- 60 Compound is taken to develop the buildings.

Construction has a crucial role in forming the best architecture in the world. Which is a primary concern? The government especially increases the encouragement of the engineering domain to find the innovative designs that last long. This is a concern in disaster management. Hence engineers take It as a precaution to structurize the building in a way that it doesn’t get affected due to earthquakes.


How Flexregrity Impacts Building Scale

With the help of Flexregrity, they are able to make changes in the geometry, which is not optical to build buildings. They provide improved material for designs and engineering innovations, increasing more stressful conditions. It is having two advantages such as


  • Superior strength to weight ratios and predefined flexibility and stiffness

The structural methods use polyhedral elements and a matrix to produce the building materials. It can sustain a heavy mass. Therefore we can say it has a high mass resisting power. We can define everything precisely.

  • Higher quality and enhanced features

Because of the high quality and improved features, it reduces cost and building time for the buildings. I become the best practice in architecture and civil engineering.


How C6XTY resolving the issues of the building

The ideation of using the carbon 60’s shape is making the building in ways where it has the safest approach towards disaster management. The development of triangulation helps to create a grip on the building developments. These shapes help to bear the load and give firmness. These provide hardness, and it is tough to compress. These are the sturdiest figure in the architectural world.  These can be build without causing problems.

  • The triangle congruence helps the forces to get balanced so that it will not collapse
  • The strength and stability are defined by the triangles, which are a useful tool for architecture. This can handle the heavyweight because of the energy distributed through the triangle.


We all know that compression and tension go hand in hand with each other. And triangulation is the only way to harmonize these concepts. This can be achieved by using the symmetry of the Carbon-60 compound at a building-scale. From utilities to communications systems, everything can be built by following the icosahedron structure of this compound.

No more worrying about the stability of the mega-structure when C6XTY is here to help you implement the Buckminster Fuller concept in the real world. When nature has provided you a “universal design” that is flawless, then why rely on anything else!!

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