Environmental Benefits


The FlexBlox System combines the strength of traditional hardscaping methods with unprecedented permeability for low environmental impact and high environmental benefit:

•High permeability: decreases surface runoff of stormwater discharged from paved areas; reduces buildup of hydraulic pressure behind retaining walls; keeps soils permeable and minimizes compaction; reduces need for storm water ponds; increases groundwater recharge%image_alt%

•Improves stormwater quality by increasing water infiltration and reducing non-point source pollution

•Minimizes site disruption and development footprint by reducing or eliminating need for larger, onsite stormwater detention facilities

•Avoids the environmental destruction associated with mining of aggregates or the carbon and financial costs of hauling large volumes of heavy aggregates over long distances

•Open architecture provides a cooler surface that reduces heat island effect related to traditional hardscaping and pavements

•Improved aesthetics: supports a sustainable vegetated surface or other attractive infill material

•Recycled content when manufactured from recycled HDPE

•Potential for reusability of assembled panels, mats, bridges

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