Nature’s Geometry At Work With C6XTY

Nature’s Geometry At Work With C6XTY

Nature’s Geometry At Work With C6XTY

Nature has already given us everything we need. But it is the human mind that wants to comprehend more than what exists in nature. C6XTY is creating materials and structures that are based on the geometry nature has already provided us. From C6XTY lattices to the full inception of Buckminster Fuller’s theory of Ephemeralization, C6XTY has redefined the conventional design paradigms in the best way possible.

Designing durable yet lightweight materials are something that not everyone can optimize. That’s why C6XTY worked longer than expected to ensure that they can design a structure that is stable and reduce weight without compromising with the strength of the materials. The soccer ball shape structure is the base for Fullerene or Carbon 60 molecule that is inherently known for its stable geometry. Due to the stability factor, this geometry suits well for carrying loads in compression materials such as ball bearing. Using the lattice-like arrangement, a new category of materials and structure can be designed with ease.

One of the most significant benefits of this technology is that the solutions can be manufactured on any scale. The application of Carbon Sixty Shape might vary from muscle replacements and computer memory to housing structure, buildings, retaining walls, etc.

Concept Behind C6XTY:

The whole idea of C6XTY lattices is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s observation. It is derived that compression can be expressed as an island in a sea of tension. When materials are compacted or compressed between our hands, the material acts in compression. We also know that strings and wires also have strong tension when we pull both ends in the opposite direction.

However, there is one observation that goes unnoticed mostly. Both tension and compression are two forces that are operating around us in large and small scale simultaneously. These two forces are like two sides of the coin and inseparable. As much as you have noticed that they act in opposition to each other. These forces can also be used to form a harmonious relationship. This concept is accomplished in reality through Triangulation. By triangulating compression into tension, a stable structure is designed. As a result of triangulation, a uniform C60 lattice is formed that can be used for specific applications.

Flextegrity- Offering Advanced Solutions to Real-World Problems

We all know the value of advancement in structural materials. Recently, there have been catastrophes that have caused more damage because the structures weren’t strong enough to handle the stress. But Flextegrity Technology provides an alternative to improve the materials for design so that they fulfill the established building codes.

The advanced materials designed in carbon sixty shapes anticipate the need for improvement in the designs. Using advanced icosahedral architecture, we address a number of complex material requirements. From disaster-resistant housing to geotextile solutions, we fulfill the need for structured materials for architects in a diverse field. The patent-pending technology is based on engineering principles to leverage the compression and tension forces for the optimal performance of the structure.

Advantages of Using Flextegrity:

There is no denying that the idea based on a soccer ball shape structure is unique and innovative. Once the technology is implemented in real-world solutions, you will be able to improve the strength and capability of the standard materials to a great extent. Take a look at what you will gain by using C60 lattices in the structure design.

  • Superior Strength-to-Weight Ratio with Well-Defined Flexibility & Stiffness:

Flextegrity utilizes polyhedral elements for compression and a tensile matrix that produces a structured material. As these materials are Omni-directional, they have a superior strength-to-weight ratio. Along with this, the flexibility and stiffness features, the material will be precisely defined in all terms.

  • Higher Quality with Enhanced Features:

From the development of ships, airplanes, cars, to modular manufacturing processes, the use of nature’s geometry has given better and improved results. On one side, the Flextegrity technology can enhance the quality and features; and on the other hand, the cost & fabrication time can be reduced significantly.

You can fathom what a revolution the Flextegrity technology would be, and yet, the technology isn’t integrated with architecture or civil engineering.

C6XTY is offering solutions for various problems like disaster-resistant housing, water run-off problems, and easy-to-assemble building materials. Working with the name FlexBlox Solutions, C60 lattices will be an excellent adaptation for erosion, storm-water management, and other applications where an innovative and permeable 3-D material is required.

Solutions That Utilize Nature’s Concept

FlexBlox Solutions excels in the micro-architecture by combining porosity, continuous high-tensile matrix, strength-to-density ratio, and impeccable resistance to compression without any infill prerequisite.

We are offering innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Ground Stabilization and Load Support System
  • Slope Protection and Erosion Control
  • Earth Retention System
  • Seismic Energy Dissipation
  • Bio-sensitive Pipe Support
  • 3-D Elastic and Expansion Joints

Our carbon sixty shape is remarkable as it can easily accomplish two goals. The first one is to distribute the external loads throughout the shell radially to form a structure. And the second one is to ensure that when a substance or structure collapses, the material will get harder to compress, thereby preventing further damage.

The C60 lattice can be made from substances like concrete, plastic, steel, biologics, and other high-tech materials as well. Who would have thought that such a simple component can allow us to design a material that is strong and inexpensive?

Well, now you have FlexBlox Solutions, whose installation process is ideal for steep and challenging projects. The solutions will be useful where space, soil, transportation, drainage, and environmental constraints prohibit the construction and implementation of conventional soil stabilization techniques. FlexBlox Solutions is bringing something new in the world so that materials for the future can be designed. The changing environment requires solutions that are easy to maintain and offer amendments with fewer resources utilization.

C6XTY is taking nature’s geometry to the next level by scaling and using suitable materials. That’s why; the C6XTY Lattice is considered one of the most elegant universal fabrics. Consult with us to know how you can utilize the technology.

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