Art & Design

Flextegrity is proud to announce the new C6XTY line of ‘Structural Fabrics’—Based on the geometry of the Bucky Ball—structural fabrics are derived from a patented synthetic lattice that can be made lightweight, flexible, resilient, and can be extended in all directions (omni-extensible). The C6XTY lattice allows visionaries, architects and engineers to create forms of all types from any material. By building in tension we are for the first time unbound from compressive forces and free to imagine a more natural habitat.

Synthetic lattices are based on the geometry of “Bucky Fullerenes”—or the carbon 60 molecule (soccer ball), that are used to create islands of compression in a sea of tension. The tensile and compressive components can be formed from almost any substance. The resulting lattice can be made stiff or flexible, large or small, for a variety of applications that require resilience, strength, lateral integrity, and reduced weight. Lattices are ‘omni-extensible’ meaning they can be shaped and contoured to create any surface. Lattices are omni-axial for optimum load transfer and are omni-triangulated such that the 12 degrees of freedom of the interior molecule are constrained for optimum stability.

For visionaries and architects this is an epic paradigm shift from stone piling to bio-mechanical wholistic habitats woven from structural fabrics. Synthetic lattices adhere to the simple principle of doing the most with the least and are supremely economical in the use of materials.