Creative Visions

%image_alt%Materials and design, whether in architecture or consumer products, are inextricably interwoven and co-influential.  As Patrick Kruithof so aptly states in Future Materials, “It is up to manufacturers to develop these new materials. It is up to designers to transform them into things that have meaning, like ink flowing on the paper of a love letter.” (p. 10).  It is indeed the materials we use and love that so strongly influence the tangible, emotional, aesthetic and utilitarian experiences we have with formed objects.

%image_alt% We firmly believe that expanding the realm of useful material micro-architectures such as Flextegrity’s technology, that offer both conventional and unprecedented future application potentials, is key to ever-wiser and more sustainable products.  For implementing new or unconventional materials is never a meaningful goal in isolation, but only a crucial strategy to help us live better, smarter and more respectfully on the earth.  See more of our creative visions for Flextegrity’s innovative material architecture.

If you are a designer, architect, material scientist or product engineer, you will want to explore Flextegrity’s innovative structural geometry with its wide range of highly useful and desirable properties here