Innovator Sam Lanahan Has Air Traffic Over His House Because Of His Patented Lattice

Innovator Sam Lanahan has air traffic over his house because of his patented lattice using the mathematics of the carbon sixty molecule. The designs of his lattice sculptures and his house from the air are known as “The Maple Leaf” amongst professional pilots flying out of and taking off from the Vancouver airport. For in-city airports, the Vancouver, WA airport is known for its proximity to the city. The FAA has been advised. Those who can’t afford to take a private, small plane over Sam Lanahan’s Maple Leaf, which is now being used as a marker for turn-arounds (thereby harassing the residents in this area even more) can visit him on land at Lattice Gallery, in Portland, Oregon at 316 NW Broadway | Portland, OR 97209. The C6XTY lattices are on display from the air, but they are also in the Gallery during Portland’s First Thursdays, November 7th, December 5th and by appointment. Read more here