How C6XTY Synthetic Lattice Can Shape Our Smart Cities

How C6XTY Synthetic Lattice Can Shape Our Smart Cities

How C6XTY Synthetic Lattice Can Shape Our Smart Cities

Lattices are both a framework made of metal or metal strips and a regular geometrical arrangement of atoms or molecules in a crystalline solid. C6XTY isn’t actually a thing by itself, but a name to a structural form that can be made from almost any substance and on any size, bigger or smaller. It utilizes the form of the Carbon 60 (Fullerene) to create a new type of structural compound that has an infinity number of possibilities. As the Carbon 60 molecule, C6XTY is a hollow ellipsoid that is very stable and is capable of carrying loads on top of it while working in tension. It also can be made with flexible lightweight material or materials that are less flexible but can carry more weight. It’s also mountable and demountable, being easy to implement without any specialized labor. The important thing is that, by utilizing the lattice form of Carbon 60, C6XTY optimizes the structural way that any material works, while maintaining an empty interior that has an infinity number of uses.

Smart cities are cities where everything is connected, utilizing technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT). With this, they collect data and use them to manage and monitor resources, including traffic, transportation systems, power plant, water supply, waste management, schools, hospitals and crime rate. In this type of city, every data is collected and analyzed in a way to promote new ideas and technologies that can optimize the efficiency of the city and its citizens. Technology is used to promote better quality, performance and interactivity on urban spaces and services.

Smart Cities with C6XTY Lattic Structure

What you are probably question yourself right now is the relation between a hollow ball shaped structure and these smart cities. As said, C6XTY has a lot of cavities and can be made from almost any material. Because of that, this is the structural shape made for the future of cities, specially those based of data and internet. Having a hollow interior means that any type of structure necessary to make a smart city works can pass thought the holes of the arrange without configuring any danger to its integrity. Since C6XTY is also mountable and demountable, it’s very easy to give maintenance to these structures, or even changing all the data, water and power structure, without damaging the C6XTY itself, reducing waste made by construction and renovation of a city. Any upgrade on the city would be made easier and faster.

The Internet of Things are slowly being integrated to our current cities. This is changing the shape of every city, transforming it to a somewhat smart city. However, technology change fast, making a necessity that cities can also change as fast as the technology we need to implement to make the future graspable. C6XTY is what can make it happen. A city that can change as fast as the evolution of technology, without making as much waste as our current construction materials and techniques.

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