Advanced Polyhedral Materials

Advanced Polyhedral Materials

Advanced Polyhedral Materials

Flextegrity, Inc. makes possible advanced polyhedral materials that anticipate and meet the comprehensive demands of civil engineering applications, disaster-resistant housing, environmental solutions, and revolutionary product designs. The foundation of Flextegrity’s intellectual property is a unique and innovative icosahedron and truncated icosahedrons tensile architecture for assembled structural materials called “C6XTY.” In later patents the work has been extended to include ‘Florets’ and ‘Hexaphorous Ring’ assemblies. All of these materials are based on the same cubo-octahedral polyhedral structure.

%image_alt% Flextegrity’s synergistic patented geometry uses well-proven engineering principles in new ways to leverage the inherent compression and tension forces of standard materials to their optimal natural performance. Specifically, Flextegrity C6XTY geometries, from micro- to meso-scale, utilize polyhedral elements as compression members and a proprietary tensile matrix to produce omni-directional anisotropic structural materials with superior strength-to-weight ratios and precisely definable flexibility and stiffness characteristics in every dimension.

This radically simple yet elegant technology can provide innovative solutions to existing material needs using conventional resources. The development continues the long studied application of geometric principles to materials. The I-beam is familiar to most. As a far-reaching horizontal technology, it possesses the inherent capability to impact and feed multiple vertically integrated technologies.

Further advances with the advent of Florets reveals that 60% of the mass of a concrete block can be removed without significant loss of structural integrity. Geometry alone provides the boost in weight to strength.


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